Take your Pomodoros
to the next level

Based on the famous Pomodoro Technique for productivity,
Pomozzo is a platform where you can focus on your tasks
and track your progress.
Pomozzo Screenshot - Today Page
Pomozzo Screenshot - Today Page

Track your progress

With real time charts and insights you start having control over how much (and how well) you are working.
Pomozzo Screenshot - Stats Page
Pomozzo Screenshot - Inventory Page

Based on a technique.
Adjusted to your needs.

Each person is different and Pomozzo takes this into account.

For that reason, you can use lists and tags to categorize your tasks. And you can also adjust your focus period as you wish, from 15 to 45 minutes.



time is a limited and precious resource for all of us

but every day we waste it by doing tasks without actually focusing on them. so it takes us longer than necessary to complete them.

or worse, we waste it thinking about doing things — just thinking

and because of that, we have less and less free time

less time to do the things we want, the things we love ❤️

to change this reality, there is no need to work more, but rather work better (in less time)

that's where Pomozzo comes in

because everyone should have more free time

will you join me in this journey?