How does Pomozzo work?

(in just 3 steps)

But... What is the
Pomodoro Technique?

How does it work? 🤔The Pomodoro Technique consists of choosing a task and focusing on it for a period of 25 min (known as a "Pomodoro"), followed by a 5 min pause.
Why? 💭By using this method, it is possible to know not only the quantity of activities that are done, but also the quality.
Who can use it? 🙋🏽‍♀️This way of optimizing time is usually aimed at people who tend to procrastinate and can be used by students and professionals.


Add your tasks
to the Inventory

The Inventory is where you keep track of everything you have to do. If you want, you can set a deadline, tags, and even different priorities for each task!
Pomozzo Screenshot - Inventory Page
Pomozzo Screenshot - Today Page


Get your hands dirty!

When it's time to do your tasks, just import them from the Inventory into the Today page. This is where you do your Pomodoros.
Pomozzo Screenshot - Today Page

Do Pomodoros

On the Today page, just drag a task to Current task and hit play to start a Pomodoro. Or do a Custom Pomodoro Set the way it works best for you.
Pomozzo Screenshot - Today Page

Deal with
unplanned tasks

We know that unexpected stuff is part of everyone's daily life. So, at Pomozzo, there is a special place for that kind of task.

If you're in the middle of a Pomodoro and an Unplanned or Urgent task comes up, just add it to "Unplanned & Urgent". You can do it next or decide that it wasn't even that urgent (🤭) and send it to the Inventory to deal with it the next day.


Watch your growth

After studying or working there is no better reward than seeing the results of our effort, right? At Pomozzo you get relevant charts and insights, besides weekly email reports on your performance.

Do you know in which day of the week you are the most productive?
Let's find out
Pomozzo Screenshot - Stats Page

FAQ 🙋‍♀️

Why Pomodoro?Pomozzo is based on the Pomodoro Technique, a famous and tested time management method. We adopted this technique in Pomozzo because having these periods of high focus and then small breaks generates more productivity and mental agility 🧠.

Does it really have to be 25 minutes?No. Despite the original Pomodoro Technique recommending 25-minute focus periods and 5-minute breaks, we understand that each person is different and you should be able to adjust those numbers to fit your reality. So at Pomozzo, you can customize your Pomodoros 💁‍♂️.

How does the custom pomodoro work?You can do a custom Pomodoro by defining a focus period from 15 to 45 minutes, a break from 5 to 15 minutes, and a number of sessions (how many times you want to repeat it). After 4 focus periods there is a long break.

What is an estimate of pomodoros?When adding tasks to the Inventory, try to stipulate how many pomodoros would it take to complete each one. After completing the tasks, you can see in the statistics how accurate your estimates are.

What do I do when I finish a task?When completing a task, just click the "check" (✔️) button on the task and it will be crossed out. When you access Pomozzo again, the completed tasks will be gone.

Can I pause a Pomodoro?No. A Pomodoro is indivisible. It cannot be paused, but it can be canceled.

Can I skip a break?Yes, you can skip the break if you need or want to. However, the break period between Pomodoros is important for your brain to recover and be able to refocus on the next Pomodoro.

What should I do when an Unplanned or Urgent task comes up?You must add it in the "Unplanned & Urgent" section. Ideally, return to your current task (total focus, remember?).

But, if it really is an emergency, you can cancel the current Pomodoro and start the more urgent task. Otherwise, if you think it can be done another day, just send it to the Inventory.

Do I have to pay to use Pomozzo?No, Pomozzo is free for you to use in your everyday routine. Still, if you want to have access to special features (complete statistics, weekly email reports, etc.) and also help maintain the project, can upgrade to the Premium plan 👑.