5 reasons to be Pomozzo Premium 👑

With Pomozzo you go well.
With Pomozzo Premium you go even further.

1) Know when you are
most productive

As you complete Pomodoros, we can find your most productive day of the week — and the least productive too.

So, you can improve your performance on days when you are not so active (or even allow yourself to put in less effort on those days 🤗).
Pomozzo Screenshot - Example Insight (Most productive day)
Pomozzo Screenshot - Example Insight (Charts)

2) Track your progress
over time

With real-time charts, you have relevant, easy-to-understand statistics on how you're doing. This makes it easier to make decisions that involve your (precious) time.

3) Receive weekly
e-mail reports

Every Monday, receive in your email inbox a report summarizing how you did last week (and compared to the previous week).
Pomozzo Screenshot - Today Page
Pomozzo Screenshot - Example Tasks History

4) Complete access to your
tasks history

Know which tasks you have completed and when, so that you don't miss anything.

5) Support a project
you like

With Pomozzo Premium you have the opportunity to support the independent development and continuous improvement of the platform you like best ❤️.
Support the project

What are you waiting for?